Tremont Skirted Sectional

Tremont Skirted Sectional

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SKU: 3915
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Product Description


  • Overall: h36.5 d44.5 w46.5
  • Inside: d25 w37 ah 25 sh 21 (1)23″TP, (1)K-22
3915-28SK Angled Quarter Turn
  • Overall: h36.5 d58 w116.5
  • Inside: d30 w81.5 sh 21 (2)23″TP, (2)19″TP
3915-12SK RAF Chair
  • Overall: h36.5 d44.5 w46.5
  • Inside: d25 w37 ah 25 sh 21 (1)23″TP, (1) K-22


Loose back cushion/Edge stitching on seat cushions, back cushions, & pillows/Waterfall skirt/No bullion available on skirt without customization. No nails available. *USE RAILROADED FABRICS ONLY*

Contrasting fabric/trim on throw pillows Also Available: 3915-10SK Armless Chair w36 3915-15SK Corner Chair w43.5 3915-20SK Armless Loveseat w73 3915-21SK LAF Loveseat 3915-22SK RAF Loveseat 3915-23SK LAFAngled Loveseat w93 3915-24SK RAFAngled Loveseat w93 3915-25SK Quarter Turn 3915-31SK LAF Sofa 3915-32SK RAF Sofa 3915-33SK LAF Corner Sofa 3915-34SK RAF Corner Sofa 3915-38SK RAF Curved Sofa w85.5 3915-39SK LAF Curved Sofa w85.5 3915-41SK LAF Chaise 3915-42SK RAF Chaise Available with a block leg: order with(BL) following the number instead of (SK).