Options, Options, Options…

The options are not intended to be intimidating. We know, sometimes the choices can feel overwhelming. We are here to help… Live chat us…

There are few foundation rules to discuss. First, the options are indented to make your furniture feel more at home. Second, don’t fight it. Evaluate your needs and your space and let the furniture build itself. Third, it’s not more expensive, it is more practical, and it does suit you and your space more effectively.

Slow down and take your time.

These items are built to last and built to order. We don’t mind if you request a cutting sample of our fabric or leather. We don’t even mind if you want to use your own fabric (COM) or leather (COL). You can use multiple fabrics and stains and all sorts of various combinations to create your perfect piece.

There is a review process before we submit your order for production! We will look over all of your selected details. We may even call or email you to discuss your selections. Allow us the opportunity to surprise you. We believe our process is how furniture buying should be. Don’t settle for a sample item sitting on a furniture store floor. Do you like to hodgepodge purchase your home furniture from various furniture retailers? You don’t have to anymore. Here it is. Order matching wood stains, order matching nail heads, order coordinating fabrics. We are the future of furniture buying, because it’s just better this way. Don’t settle…

Step One:

Pick your pre-designed frame

Evaluate your space and decide what type of pieces you would like to create. Do you want to create a nightstand, a tall or short dresser, a chest, a sleeper sofa, or an occasional chair? We also offer multiple love seats, dining tables, dining chairs, bed frames and each provides a distinctive look for you to start with. We have pre-designed finished pieces that are ready for quick-ship. You can build coordinating pieces that serve the function you need.

Step Two:

Select your details and finishes

It is the details that make a piece unique. On most of the designs you have several options to choose from. Coordinate your satin brass handles with satin brass ferrules. Coordinate your dining chair nail heads to match your dining table metal base. Coordinate stains, fabrics, metal finishes and patterns. Something may catch your interest immediately, or you may want to experiment. It’s as easy as the click of a mouse. Don’t worry you can always change your mind. That’s part of the fun. Be Creative. If you’ve ever used a coloring book you have all the skills necessary to create something extraordinary.

Step Three:

Review your details

Review the selections you have made. Call, email, or live chat and we will help you confirm that you haven’t missed any important decisions. Then, just sit back and wait. Your custom designed furniture is on the way.